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Accountability does not just happen it is designed!

Accountability does not just happen it is designed! – Our services are laid out in a way to aid you in understanding your current environment and then taking the steps that will matter the most. These services provide a framework and are not all inclusive to the many ways we can add value to your organization. The PDF to the left provides details of what we do specifically in the service areas described below

Assessing Accountability Standards

Trust is a financial asset because organizations with mistrust create complexities, inefficiencies and work arounds that add up consuming time and a tremendous amount of resources. A good leader will created a trusting culture through appropriate transparency and doing what they say they will do. Yet benefiting from trust also requires careful consideration of what it takes to deliver on promises. Accountability Standards contain principles drawn from subject matter experts that aid Managers and Leaders in adding to operational capability to delivering on promises and benefit from the efficiency of growing trust.


Accountability Consulting specializes in structures, design, capacity and review of Governance systems. Leading an organization to success requires clarity in authority and accountability supported by systems of checks and balances. Collectively we label this effort as Governance. Fortunately, we have many leading practices, standards and experiences to draw from when considering ideal Governance structures.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk is part of every organizational action. Over time specific kinds of risk, like environmental hazards, acts of God, fraud, quality, safety or information security have become so important to organizations that functions have been developed to handle these specific types of risk. Approximately 15 years ago, new ideas related to managing risk across an enterprise focused on one shared model for the rating and managing of risk. This is often referred to as Enterprise Risk Management. Two leading standard setters COSO in the United States and ISO Internationally, have attempted to illustrate how these efforts should best integrate with daily performance assessment performed by management. Progress is slow, but ideals and their promised value are significant. Below is an illustration of ERM 1.0 implemented following 2004 Standards and ERM 2.0 implemented following 2018 standards.

Evolving Internal Audit

Internal Audit is an evolving profession, that has had extensive updates to Standards, Methods and Models in the last two decades. It is not easy to keep up with change and the need to add value to the Board and Executive Management. Accountability Consulting has expertise in Internal Audit evolution focused on adding value.

Today’s Internal Audit Leader has to juggle evolving expectations on all fronts. The Institute of Internal Auditors has significantly updated Professional Standards twice within the last 15 years. Within the last five years a new Mission Statement and Certification Exam has been rolled out. By 2023 the Standards will be updated for a 3rd time. As pressures have increased on Boards and Executives, their expectations of Internal Audit have also changed. Where Internal Audit has been unable to change quickly enough, roles have been expanded in other risk functions including quality, ERM and information security. If Internal Audit is not anticipating and evolving to meet growing needs, they risk being minimized as a resource to their Board and Executive Team. Finally, resources are always limited, so all these expectations must be met on a budget. We help value adding change in Internal Audit Departments happen.

Policy and Regulation

Policies and public regulations are the birthright of a democratic society. An entity and/or a population gets to decide what lines should not be crossed for the good of the entity and/or the overall social good. This practice has created wealth across the world, adding fairness, and elevating those with needed skills. However, as markets and economies have grown from handshake transactions into interdependent systems, policies and regulations have not always kept pace. Misapplied policy can strangle growth, and bad regulation can shatter efficient systems into expensive silos. 

Creating value adding policies begins with a solid understanding of roles. Clear roles lead to clear policy objectives and healthy policy development practices. Once roles are connected with policies in a healthy way, the capacity to chart and manage a path to success by the Board and Executives increases as well. AlignedInfluence.com, an affiliate of Accountability Consulting, illustrates the practical and healthy relationship between a Board and its Executives in this simple model graphic above, based on ideal roles for each.

Collaborate with Our Affiliates

Accountability Standards benefit from many subject matter expert perspectives. Including leaders within Governance and Decision Management Consulting, Risk & Control Professionals and Internationally Cetrified Internal Auditors. Those with direct participation in our solutions can be viewed on our Affiliates page. However, we routinely seek to collaborate with many others to improve the scope of our solutions and the value delivered to our clients.