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Previous Work

Each Client has unique challenges and needs. Boards and Executive teams are faced with the challenge of creating efficient and effective systems, that work for them. Such Systems require design and unique expertise. Accountability Consulting, in coordination with Affiliates, can provide unique attention to system design and multiple needed expert perspectives. The examples below are from Dan Clayton.

The Strategic Decision Group has an extensive list of industries and case studies with 40 years of client experience. Details can be found here SDG.COM

Aligned Influence has a description of their typical efforts, industries and client which can be found here ALIGNEDINFLUENCE.COM


Board Directed Assessment of Rules and Policies – A $32 Billion higher education board focused on achieving the mission more effectively through attention to enabling design and accountability within rules and policies. Resulted in a new purpose driven model, process and templates; eliminating bureaucracy and inefficiency.

Developing Audit Committee Annual Education – Designed and created an annual education event attended by 15 Internal Audit Leaders and the Audit Committee Chairs. Aided in implementing their identified needs, including redesign of rules/bylaws to improve authority and independence.

Designing an Enterprise Risk Management philosophy, value proposition and communication campaign to educate executives and other stakeholders

Evaluating Capabilities for ERM Program Success. (ERM is a program dependent first on the capability or maturity of Management’s risk understanding, risk functions like Compliance and Information Security and Internal Audit.) Provided needed improvements before attempting ERM.

Designed the ideal Internal Audit Role for ERM – Compared Internal Audit activities against existing ERM Ideals and recommended updated in the Internal Audit risk assessment and categorization of risk and control information to make it more shareable.

Risk Management

Assurance / Audit

Internal Audit Strategic Assessment – Development of 3 year strategic plan to increase Internal Audit capabilities, get current with professional leading practices, and integration with ERM and other risk function activities. (Many projects managing initiatives to improve all aspects of internal audit.)

Integrated Assurance – Participated in designing risk and control concepts to be held in common with internal audit, information security, fraud, financial control, and other risk activities focused on eventually creating Integrated Assurance. Included a shared Internal control framework and taxonomy of organizational terms by which to categorize risks and controls.

Technology Change Management – Acted with a Project Manager to define needs and develop a value proposition for updating internal audit work paper technology to a centralized service – previously managed locally by 15 different teams. Surveyed teams for needs and issues, defined high levels of resistance resulting in a formal communication strategy well aligned with decision making – resulting in successful implementation.

Evaluated the regulatory landscape and Compliance efforts – Identified gaps in compliance as well as compliance activities with significantly cost. Evaluated opportunities to minimize cost, including advocating regulatory authorities for change.


Other Design

Communication Support – Change is never easy and systems are never built without significant communication between the leadership and functions involved. Purpose drive, simple message development has been a significant part of most services provided.

Research Support – Advocating change and improvement often requires those who most vocally resist to be satisfied that professional expectations, leading thought and formal processes have been leveraged effectively. Many projects have focused on providing this redundant support.